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NESTLED in vibrant Chelsea, West London, Catherine Wilman Interiors took on the task of rejuvenating a dated one-bedroom apartment on Cathcart Road.


With 30 years since its last renovation, the client's desire was to turn this property into an opulent, open-plan sanctuary. Operating on a tight three-month schedule, the challenge was to balance functionality and style, ensuring that the kitchen wouldn't overshadow the living space. Our team in Chelsea executed the project with meticulous planning and creativity.

The new design features a seamless blend of modern aesthetics with luxurious finishes. In a strategic move, we allocated the kitchen to a corner of the open-plan area, allowing the living space to breathe and become the focal point. High-end, bespoke cabinetry keeps the kitchen's presence subtle yet effective.

Natural light now illuminates the apartment, lending an airy and expansive feel that defies its modest size.


Whether you are looking for a top interior designer in Chelsea or anywhere in London, Catherine Wilman Interiors has a proven track record of transforming spaces into unique homes tailored to your lifestyle and tastes.


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