Bespoke shelving and storage design for fireplace

Bespoke Joinery

Catherine Wilman Interiors design stunning fitted wardrobes, vanity units, banquette seats and bespoke bookcases.

Clever storage solutions are essential to any property. This is particularly true to living in London, where space is at a premium and every square foot counts. Whether your style is classic or contemporary design, furniture needs to be designed for you.


The results should always look amazing while serving a purpose. Bespoke joinery is the key to enhancing space whilst solving our endless storage issues. Whether you are looking for unique pieces to showcase or in need of clever fitted storage, every need is different.

Living room furniture and bespoke bookcase design by Catherine Wilman Interiors
Double vanity unit for en suite shower room
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Catherine Wilman Interiors_St Johns Wood_renovation_AJ_1146_0328 copy.jpeg
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Bespoke joinery wardrobe design by Catherine Wilman Interiors

Fitted Wardrobes

Bespoke planning can be the key to unlocking a rooms potential and bring organisation to your lifestyle. A good example is the beautiful fitted wardrobe Catherine Wilman Interiors designed for a property in Chelsea, pictured. Every detail was considered to maximise usability and ensure all the space had a purpose.


Clever bespoke niches and detailed sections were based around the client’s items and needs. Each shoe, sock, tie and dress had a place, framed in the stunning wood finish.

Built-in wardrobe design by Catherine Wilman.

Designs for Life

Choosing the right people to help achieve a vision is important. Catherine Wilman Interiors use a network of the finest carpenters and suppliers for our fitted wardrobes, vanity units, banquette seats and bookcases.


Working collaboratively from planning and design within the studio through to the installation ensures the highest quality standards are met. Whether this ranges from a one-off small bespoke piece of furniture or dressing room design, a whole depth of knowledge and experience is drawn on to create a beautiful, hand-made luxury interior.

Fitted wardrobe drawer to keep shoes and socks tidy at the property in Chelsea.