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Situated just a stone's throw away from Chelsea's iconic Kings Road, this project by Catherine Wilman epitomizes the essence of family living in the heart of London. The architectural design team was tasked with transforming two adjacent apartments into a unified, cohesive sanctuary that is both elegant and functional.


The journey from conception to realisation was meticulously curated, ensuring a seamless flow throughout the home.

Crittall double door leading to dining area and lounge - Chelsea interior design by Catherine Wilman
Reception room fireplace, green velvet chair, interior design by Catherine Wilman


A defining element of this sophisticated residence is the use of Crittall doors, a decision that marries aesthetic appeal with practical design.


These elegant doors effortlessly connect the living room to the dining area, allowing natural light to cascade across both spaces. While they ensure an uninterrupted flow, they also maintain the individual integrity of each area, adding a layer of architectural grandeur that elevates the home's ambiance.


But the true essence of this transformative journey is best captured in the accompanying video, which takes you through each phase of the project.


It begins with footage of the apartment prior to construction, moves on to various stages of the renovation process, and culminates in a reveal of the stunning final result.


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