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Catherine Wilman interior design Kensington - apartment renovation


AS a leading London interior designer, Catherine Wilman had the pleasure of collaborating closely with the client to furnish a lavish two-bedroom apartment situated near the iconic Kensington Gardens in West London.


Our client's vision was to strike a balance between contemporary elegance and practical comfort. He wanted a space that not only exuded style for social gatherings but was also a sanctuary for relaxation and daily living.


The moment we were brought on board, the property was nearing the completion of its renovation phase. Our London-based design team seamlessly integrated modern finishes, which beautifully juxtaposed the apartment's traditional mansion-block architecture. The neutral palette was tastefully enlivened by shades of russet red, while the bronze and brass accents added a distinctly masculine flair to the design. 


To further enhance the space, we crafted bespoke bookcases, infusing the area with warmth and depth, complemented by atmospheric lighting. One of the highlights of this project was the custom window seat designed to frame the large bay windows.

Kensington Court apartment renovation, Catherine Wilman- nteriors


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