Organise Your Wardrobe

This month Catherine Wilman, owner of Catherine Wilman Interiors, shows how a bespoke wardrobe can keep you organised and maximise the available space.

Bespoke wardrobe at a private residence in Chelsea

The best way to organise a wardrobe and maximise space is to get a bespoke unit made. At Catherine Wilman Interiors, when we are designing bespoke furniture such as a wardrobe for a client we often like to take it a step further and “showcase” the client’s clothes.

I recently worked with a wonderful couple that had a beautiful collection of vintage clothes for their luxury interior design project in London. We worked together to create their ideal wardrobe, using a few of their key pieces to showcase.

Work starts on the bespoke wardrobe

Shoe drawers

Every component of the wardrobe was designed to store a particular item. We included some shoe drawers and handkerchief drawers. We made the wardrobes slightly deeper than a standard unit so that we could create extra storage on the back of the doors for smaller items such as belts, watches and cuff links. The contrast of the dark carcass created the ideal backdrop for a wonderful array of colourful clothes and accessories.

In some sections, we lined the inside of the units in green velvet – but you can also add drama by using a patterned fabric or wallpaper as a backdrop.

Storage for watches and belts inside the wardrobe door

Shoes and socks have their own drawer

These are just a few ideas on how you can spice up your wardrobe and make it a pleasure every time you open the doors. The added bonus is it makes finding what you are looking for so much easier!

Ties, aftershave and handkerchiefs are stored away neatly

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