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How To Set Up A Stylish Coffee Station

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Our design team recently partnered with homeware and ceramics brand Denby to create a luxury coffee station. Read on to see how it turned out and learn how to set up your own at home.

Catherine Wilman Interiors discuss a plan as they have a coffee break with Denby mugs
Catherine Wilman and Gemma enjoy a cuppa as they discuss a client's plans

Ceramics and glassware are an often overlooked aspect to a home, but it’s such an important detail that can make all the difference to creating small peaceful, pleasures in everyday life.

Denby coffee and tea station
Coffee and tea station

Setting up a coffee or tea station is the first step to making sure you start your day right or entertain guests in that oh so British way.

We love having a coffee and tea station within our office; it adds such a lovely touch to our client meetings as we run through drawings and design boards over a hot drink and some sweet treats. We always make sure to have fresh coffee on the side and an assortment of teas ready for any occasion. We often host a variety of guests at any given moment and love to offer some calming respite from an often-busy day, served in beautiful, hearty mugs. In fact, our client Sally loved our Denby range so much she now uses it in the coffee station we built at her home in Fulham, South West London.

The cafetière is a studio favourite as offering fresh coffee is such a staple to all designers, particularly for days running in and out to site meetings. But for our more calming mornings, the teapot is perfect for green tea or Earl Grey and the added leaf strainer is perfect for a fresh, aromatic pot.

Denby Studio Grey mug and bowl

This concept translates straight into the home. When designing kitchens, we always consider the ergonomics and aesthetics of having a dresser or coffee station. Whether it’s a designated dresser or pantry we always ensure a place for the tea, coffee and kettle to all be in easy to access areas with mugs and crockery close at hand. It really makes the world of difference in the morning rush or with friends over a chat over a good cuppa.

The benefits of setting up your own coffee station

"Setting up a dedicated coffee station makes brewing a more pleasurable experience," says Hayley Baddiley, Global Marketing Director at Denby. "With everything in one place and beautifully organised, you can make the perfect cup of coffee and properly enjoy the process. Investing extra care and attention into this daily ritual can be a mindful activity and help to elevate an everyday brew.

"At home or work, it provides a little escapism and a welcome break— much like a visit to a coffee shop. A coffee station also makes an eye-catching design feature in a kitchen or office."

Denby's Studio Grey range includes jugs and a tea pot
Denby's Studio Grey range includes jugs, mugs, a tea pot and a cafetière

What you'll need

"The first thing to do is decide on your preferred brewing method or methods. An espresso machine is a great option, not only because you can create a wide range of drinks, such as cappuccinos and lattes, but because it offers such a tactile experience. From tamping the coffee grounds to steaming the milk, you really get hands-on with the entire process. Cafetieres and ceramic drippers also encourage you to slow down and enjoy the process of brewing coffee," says Hayley.

"Whatever you decide, it’s good to invest in a coffee grinder and beans as opposed to ground coffee. This will further enhance the sensory experience as well as helping you to create fresher and more delicious drinks.

"Alongside brewing equipment and accessories, you'll need to think about serving. Coffee station cups are usually hung on hooks or displayed on shelves, so think about what's going to work with your existing décor. You'll also need to think practically: are they the right shape and size for your favourite drinks? Are they a pleasure to drink from? Are they easy to clean?

"You can then invest in complementary pieces such as jars and milk jugs. Choose items that are both beautiful and practical, so you will naturally want to have them out on display."

The coffee station designed by Catherine Wilman
The coffee station designed by Catherine Wilman

How to set up your coffee station

Hayley explained: "Your coffee station ideally needs to provide enough worktop space for brewing, cupboards or drawers underneath for storage, and shelves or hooks above for cups.

Coffee station is hidden behind folding-doors
Coffee station is hidden behind folding-doors

As well as displaying your coffee-making equipment and supplies, you may wish to style the area with the likes of houseplants, decorative signs, and books to create your own inviting space. Consider visiting your favourite coffee shop for inspiration.

"Most people set their coffee station up in the kitchen, as this typically provides easy access to power sources, running water, and the fridge. If you'd like to set yours up in your home office or similar, consider how easily you can install or access these amenities."

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Denby's Studio Grey range of jugs, cups and bowls
Denby's Studio Grey range of jugs, cups and bowls


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