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The original toiled was relocated away from the shower and a new dark grey stone floor installed.

Interior Design
Brook Green, W6

This recently renovated Brook Green family home had the master bedroom en-suite transformed from the original layout. The client appointed Catherine Wilman Interiors to redesign the entire five-bedroom property. We remained sensitive to the clients’ interior design brief to achieve a gorgeously-proportioned, luxurious bathroom.

The first phase was to establish a finishes scheme. With close collaboration with the client, light and modernity became the key theme. It was important to incorporate aspects of the original home design by architect Cathie Curran, therefore a modern tonal scheme with splashes of colour and a bold marble complemented the freestanding bath.

We installed a dark grey stone floor and repainted the storage cupboard to match the grey. The toilet was relocated away from the shower and a beautiful white marble used for the surround.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Our interior design Brook Green team chose new, oversized stone floor tiles to contrast the lighter features of the en-suite. In contrast to popular belief, making a feature from a dark matte floor can actually add to the feeling of space. It highlights the expanse of floor space. In this design in particular, the oversized, centrally placed freestanding bath, is now accentuated in contrast to the new floor.


Think carefully of the placement of fixtures and layout. This is where an interior designer’s vision is needed. Without having to commit to too many structural changes, working with an initial layout in a bathroom can be a great way to minimize renovation time and costs.

However, amendments can be made to elevate a space and how it used. In this instance, the toilet was relocated away from the shower to make the master en-suite more suitable to the user. The focal point became the vanity unit.

We used a unique marble for the shower walls and a mitred marble vanity top cantilevered off the wall. With each join the marble pattern and veins are carefully matched. The new under-mounted sink sets the tone for a clean and minimal design.

We upgraded the bathroom with dark grey stone flooring, new white marble shower and under-mounted sink and retained the freestanding bath.

Ground Floor WC

We also created a contemporary ground floor WC next to the living room, which has a bespoke bookcase.


There is also a toilet and shower room for the office located in the attic of the property. 

We plan to upload the entire project including the new kitchen, living room, garden and other rooms that formed part of the redevelopment of this five-bedroom house in Brook Green. 

Creating luxury design ensuites, bathrooms and bespoke carpentry for the kitchen and living room adds a wealth of character and value to any property.

If you are looking for interior design companies in Brook Green or across London, we hope our projects will inspire you. Let us help you find the right design that suits your lifestyle and budget.


For a free no-obligation consultation, please contact us today and one of our designers will call or email you to discuss your project.

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