Luxury Interior Design Bedrooms

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Interior designer Gemma Munkley, from Catherine Wilman Interiors, reveals the secrets of creating the perfect master bedroom ensuite.

A clever use of space can even allow for a walk-in wardrobe

In London, having an interior designer create a luxury ensuite bathroom for the master bedroom can add a wow-factor when selling a home. A clever use of space can even allow for a walk-in wardrobe. Yet how to start? Creating a luxury bedroom can seem a difficult task when simply looking at four walls. Interior designers have the ability to look past individual rooms and think about buildings as one inclusive space.

Petite ensuite between two bedrooms

If your needs are simply to add an ensuite but are strapped for size, then play to the strength of going compact. This recently renovated Fulham end-of-terrace in Rosaville Road, Fulham, shows how Catherine Wilman Interiors have designed a petite ensuite between two rooms, without taking away from the size of the bedrooms.

A textured wall tile adds indulgence

Textured tile adds character

The beauty of this ensuite is its size. Going for a gorgeous textured tile all over adds character and indulgence. The tile design also lengthens the small space. A great trick to extend the tile feature is to have the sink clad in the same material. By doing this your line of site is never broken or distracted, camouflaging the sink into the wall to give a greater sense of space.

Despite the compact space, the ensuite has a shower

Another great example of a cleverly designed bedroom is this atmospheric end-of-terrace Shepherds Bush house in Ingersoll Road.

Walk-in wardrobe between the bedroom and bathroom

Walk-through wardrobe leading to bathroom

Catherine Wilman Interiors are very quick to establish an in-depth understanding of the client's brief. In this particular project the client wanted opulence and to bring back the style and grandness of a traditional Victorian London home. Opening up two rooms to create one large space offers a sense of luxuriousness. The client was very specific in preferring to have a large bathroom instead of losing space to a walk-in wardrobe. But why not have both?

Rather than thinking of these as being separate areas, imagine it as one space and how you would use it. Centering the wardrobe and dressing space between the bathroom and bedroom is a natural placement. This design also allows more space within the bedroom as less freestanding storage is needed and is easy to access.

Catherine Wilman Interiors created a walk-in wardrobe leading to the en suite
Master bedroom en suite before Catherine Wilman Interiors renovation

Double height doors can transform a small room

Another dramatic way to completely change the feel of a bedroom is by extending the entrance. This feature works amazingly if you have the height commonly found in London properties. Adding a set of tall double doors really sets the scene for that luxury interior everyone craves. It opens the space and can make even the smallest of rooms feel striking and unique.

This technique is what sets luxury interior designed houses apart from the average property. It is an impressive way to play to the strengths of London properties, not only does it look stunning, but all the while adding value to your ever growing lifestyle, where the perfect property does matter.

A set of tall double doors has a dramatic impact in this bedroom in Shepherds Bush

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