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The Best Bathroom Lighting

Updated: Jun 18

Catherine Wilman, owner of Catherine Wilman Interiors, reveals the secrets of creating the perfect lighting for a luxury bathroom.

At Catherine Wilman Interiors, we believed lighting is an essential element to creating the perfect mood for a bathroom. However, it can often be overlooked during the design process. It is easy to get caught up on choosing fixtures and fittings as you imagine your perfect space. A good luxury interior designer will ensure this does not happen.

Consider the mood

Take a step back and first consider the mood you want to create. When using your bathroom you probably want to be energized in the morning and then unwind in the evening after a long day.

Some bathrooms are flooded with natural light, whilst others don’t have windows and will rely on the right choice of lighting.

Spotlights in a contemporary bathroom
Spotlights in a contemporary bathroom

Put the lighting on different circuits

It is always advisable to put the lighting on different electrical circuits to create layers of lights. This allows you to have the option of either filling the room with light or just highlighting certain areas to create a mood. Using dimmer switches gives you this flexibility to alter the levels of light.

Spotlights are great for both modern and traditional looks

Spotlights are great in both modern and traditional bathrooms to enhance key elements but they should be used sparingly. Try to avoid creating a grid of spotlights on the ceiling as this deadens the space. Instead, consider using low-level lights to ‘wash’ the floor with light in interesting ways, or maybe use an ‘up-light’ fitting to create added drama: for example, highlighting a free-standing bath or a textured feature wall.

A decorative light in a marbled bathroom
A decorative light in a marbled bathroom

Flattering light comes from around the mirror

Ensure the lighting around the mirror is carefully considered. The most flattering lighting comes from around the mirror not directly above or behind you.

Highlight the niche in your shower by adding a small spotlight. Also, consider adding an LED under your washstand unit or under your bath panel.

There are many fabulous decorative lights on the market from firms such as Porta Romana and Use these each side of a mirror to create a statement or they can be hung from the ceiling. Where you have the luxury of a high ceiling, you can always add that dramatic central light.

Marble bathroom with sunken sink
Consider the mood you want to create

Comply with safety regulations

It is essential to check your chosen lights comply with British safety standards and remember not all light fittings can be used in wet areas.

Most of all have fun with your lighting – it is a key element to creating a stunning bathroom.

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