Autumn Colour Trends

Interior designer Gemma Munkley, from Catherine Wilman Interiors, takes a look at colour trends as we head towards 2018.

Burnt orange can transform a grey, monochromatic interior

As Autumn starts to come around we say goodbye to the fresh blues and pastels of the 2017 summer. If you are considering a luxury interior design project in London, this is the time of year to look ahead at what is to come. Many colour trends are predicted early, but it is this time when a good interior designer can really start to narrow down which of these trend forecasts are to be the next big hit.

The regeneration of the Burnt Orange. Orange is a bold colour that we have seen come and go. In the past it has been a bright, bold, zing orange, either paired in contrast against a grey, monochromatic palette or for the truly brave alongside, bright yellows and greens. So how to reinvent such a bold colour for your home?

Orange and blue are a tried and tested pairing of colours

Complementary colours

The answer is, take it back to basics. Orange and blue are tried and tested complementary colours, and always look great in a home. Rather than taking an earthy scheme, which we have seen in the past, these two colours have moved into truly modern interiors. Pulling on the richer undertones you can either choose to have russet reds and burnt oranges as your base or accent.

If brave base colour is your thing, then think about mixing a variety of tones. This will still achieve a statement look but bring a warmer tone to a space creating an overall air of sophistication in a room. Keeping it modern is key, Strip back your space to its bare bones, think about floor finishes and clean lines. Arte currently have a wonderful selection of hand woven natural fibre wall coverings, in rich colours paired with funky geometric patterns.

Arte Heliodor pattern in copper

This Arte, Heliodor pattern in copper is a great example of adding warmth and fluidity to any space. Picture this luxuriously rich copper wall, in contrast with a structural resin wall and floor finish.

Resin on floors is warmer to the touch than concrete

Resin can transform any space

Resin is a somewhat new material and is fast becoming a trendy way to transform any space, large or small into a chic modern luxury home. Warmer to the touch than polished concrete, and lower in maintenance, it has become a welcome alternative for residential projects. Sphere 8, a specialist resin surface brand, have a fantastic showroom, situated a few buildings along from the Catherine Wilman Interiors studio in Notting Hill.

Shadow Rame, Golran Rug

Overlay this cool minimalist flooring with a luxuriously sumptuous Shadow Rame, Golran Rug perfectly positioned in a living room or dining area.

Once the canvas or your home is set, it is time to carefully select some key statement pieces. Add an ultra-cool, contemporary sofa in a dusky blue paired with retro lounge chair. Adding touches of blue to the space will bring further warmth and dimension.

A sofa in a deep blue velvet makes a statement

Use a natural base palette

If you choose a more toned-down version of this new trend colour, then going for a more natural base palette with warm greys and blues is the way to do it. Keep with the majority or all walls in a grey toned resin plaster. Choose a large contemporary sofa by Camerich, upholstered in a deep blue velvet to be the centerpiece of your room. Then start to bring accessories with hints of burnt oranges and bronze finishes. This scheme will work great with any dark toned wood veneer, whether you want to keep a more urban retro vibe with warm walnut or ultra-modern interior with a grey silver undertone.

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